Don’t Snuff your Facial Scruff

Every man has that rough, itchy face at some point in his life. That unruly facial scruff that never looks good. You know the kind, just little bristles of irritation collected to create the human sandpaper. Often neglected and unattractive, the scuff gets people looking down their noses. It’s a menace isn’t it? Well beardly men, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t get caught up in that shaving nonsense.

First things first, get some oil for those scratchy little bastards. Even though those hairs are still small, putting some beard oil on them will sooth the itch and help them grow. Plus, all of our oils smell good. That is always a bonus. Put some goodness on that micro beard. Check out the Badass Beard oil and my personal favorite, the Barista scented oil by Bearded Bastard.

If you are one of those guys that have a few patchy areas like myself, the best thing you can do is shape the damn thing. There is no shame in trimming it up, only shaving it entirely. To keep yourself from getting over zealous, get a pair of trimming scissors instead of a full on razor. They are also handy for keeping your scruff even. Don’t let those fast growers get too ahead of themselves.

Facial scruff can be sculpted into just about anything. Every great beard starts out as scruff. If treated properly, scruff can open doors that you never knew existed. There is no reason it should be given an unfair treatment. Scruffy facial hair is the blooming bud of a flower. Take care of the scruff and it will bring about your true beauty, or in this case, true manliness. If you can’t keep it all, pick something that caters to your strong suits.

Men, you need to take care of the facial scruff. It can be a hassle, yes. Itchy, definitely. An eyesore? Not if you treat it with the respect it deserves. That little guy hugging your face will grow and grow until it transforms into a magnificent beard. Be the man your scruff always knew you could be. Condition it, oil it, trim it, just don’t shave that fledgling manliness. Long story short, don’t snuff your scruff! Keep on bearding friends.

-The Blonde Beard



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